Forms you need

Petitions (Gender Specific):

Petitions (Gender Neutral):

Financial Forms (Choose One):

Additional Forms Needed in All Cases When Filing:

Additional Forms Needed if filing a 12.901(b)(1) Petition:

Legal definitions

"Gross Income": The cumulative total of all income earned BEFORE taking out taxes and expenses.

"Marital Settlement Agreement" - A marital settlement agreement is simply the resolution of all issues within the 5 categories of issues that have to be resolved before a judge can issue a dissolution of marriage.

Other professionals you might want to bring in

With Fair & Friendly Mediation, you get access to a network of professionals who can offer specialized assistance to your case, as needed. If you decide you want to use an attorney, we can link you with attorneys who understand the value of the mediation process and know how to get the most out of it. Other professionals for you to consider are:

  • Parenting coordinator - to help you manage your roles as co-parents with decision-making responsibility and time-sharing to schedule and coordinate.

  • Tax professionals - can explain the benefits of agreements with different tax structures

  • Forensic Accountant - can help you identify if someone is hiding financial assets, or give you peace of mind that they are not.

  • Clinical Psychologist - can help manage "the temperature in the room" to make sure communication takes place on a respectful, productive level, and to identify when someone is using pressure or leverage to manipulate the result they want